shorts06sascha120The vain crook Sascha Sehrschön



...struts his stuff, strips to teutonic Rammstein music and finds a surprise in his comic underwear.

Drag King performance / Show hosting / MCing

Sascha Sehrschön will MC your Karaoke or Burlesque Event. In a wonderful manly fashion being particularly gentlemanly to the ladies.
In Berlin dialect or with stark German accent.

Length: 7 min

Language: Rock music with German lyrics / Rammstein

party gag striptease, Christmas parties and Easter events with a sense of humor, Queer events...
Karaoke Events, Burlesque Events

Pressvoice: „Never has Bridge Markland been better as this Wolfgang-Petry-Lookalike (Wolfgang Petry is a German music star) to Rammstein Music“ Siegessäule, Berlin

Love Bites Shows in: Berlin, Tübingen, Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Basel; Stage Diven Show im: BKA Theater – Berlin, Club-Restaurant Nektar – Munich
and many other cities and venues...


Sascha Sehrschön

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