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Apart from doing her solo shows Bridge Markland also works with other companies and for TV and film.

Variety + Cabaret Shows
2018 Somnambulist + Valeska Gert in Do You Want a Cookie? project with Bearded Ladies Cabaret, Philadelphia, USA
Director: John Jarboe, Dramaturg: Sally Ollove
since 2016 Le Pustra's Kabarett der Namenlosen - Berlin, Concept/director: Le Pustra
2008  Stage Diven, Teatro Pradillo/Madrid, concept: Bartuschka/Berlin
2007  Medium Rare Show, Bush Hall/London, concept: Mat Whitley
2006  La Clique, The Famous Spiegeltent, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, directed by: Markus Pabst
2002  Krystallpalast – Leipzig, Viva La Diva, directed by: Susanne Linzer
2000  Kosmos Variété – St.Gallen/CH, Variety-Show, directed by: Rico Bandle
1998  Chamäleon Varieté – Berlin, Viva La Diva, directed by: Detlef Winterberg
1997/98  Tollwood Festival – Munich, Chaos Royal, directed by: Markus Pabst
1997  Chamäleon Varieté – Berlin, Ferro City, directed by: Detlef Winterberg


2011  aufBruch, Art, Jail, City, Queen Elizabeth in Maria & Elisabeth, (collage after Schiller) directed by: Peter Attanassow
2009 - 2013  Platypus Theater Berlin, Clown Jo, March Hare, Ceshire Cat, Diddel Di, Gryphon and others. Alice (German/English)
(Peter Scollin after Lewis Carrol), directed by: Kenneth Phillips
since 2003  Platypus Theater Berlin, Angstmän in Angstmän (German/English for children from 10 years of age)(Hartmut El Kurdi),
directed by: Anja Scollin
1998  STÜKKE Theater Berlin, Friedrich the son in Liebhaber (Reijnders), directed by: Klaus Schultze
1997/98  Brandenburger Theater, Frank N’ Furter (German/English) in Rocky Horror Show (O’ Brien),
directed by: Christopher Blenkinsop/Anton Rey
1996  Berlin Play Actors, Sal Bagaletto, Mafia Gangster (English) in Incognito (Kuntzevitch), directed by: Rik Maverik
1993  Projekttheater Vorarlberg/Austria, Marion, 16 years in Vatertag und tausend Vatertage
(collage after Gebhartl), directed by: Heike Gäßler

Film and TV
2018  Lady with vendors Tray/Party Scene with Pola Negri in Clash of Futures, Documentary Drama about the times between 1918-1939 in Europe,
Directors: Jan Peter, Frédéric Goupil
2015  Protagonist in Utopie der Unterschiede, directed by: Annika Sehn, Viktor Schimpf
2007  Frau Brammer/Probandin in one sequel of TV Soap: Verbotene Liebe, directed by: Utz Disseler
2005  Martina in the short film Martina within the compilation fucking different, directed by: Jürgen Brüning
2006  Hades Woman in Honey Baby, directed by: Mika Kaurismäki
2001  Hair dresser Annegret Pohl in Streit um Drei, directed by: Heidi Ramlow
2001  Vampire with golden spine in Blade II, directed by: Guillermo Del Toro
2001  Zombie in Resident Evil, directed by: Paul W. Anderson
2001  Protagonist in the documentary film Venus Boyz, directed by: Gabriel Baur
1997  Performance artist in Doppelter Einsatz, directed by: Dror Zahavi
1995  Performance artist in Dreimal die Woche, directed by: Walter Weber

2010/2011  Dances for Non/Fictional Bodies, Jess Curtis Gravity Berlin/San Francisco
2007 + 2009  IL Festino, concept and direction: Martin Backhaus
1995  Emma 13, Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin, directed by: Heike Gäßler
1988  Natura Non Facit Saltus, tanzfabrik, performances in the garden of Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, concept and direction: Antja Kennedy
1987-90  who did what to whom..., tanzfabrik, Berlin, concept, choreography, direction: Dieter Heitkamp

Le Pustra's Kabarett der Namenlosen

höre ich tanz! / do I hear dance! - street