120 bri nik 045 testBridge Markland
+ Nikola Lutz / Saxophones


Two exceptional artists with a wide range of talents
in an unusual evening which has much to offer.
Be fed with grapes and bananas.
Be astounded about sensational gender transformation acts
Enjoy erotic texts.
Experience how Bridge Markland is dancing on your lap.
Listen to cool saxophone tunes and hip club beats.

press voices:

“…sexual cabaret obliterating gender borders...
Sardonic, revealing and with a continual wink of the eye.“
Bernd Mand, Mannheimer Morgen

"...sometimes it is more female, sometimes more male, but never really defined." nightoutatberlin

“…Two female artists… are taking a look at the subject Sex, with direct and explicit language... both with shaved heads, masculine and at the same time very feminine, no set identity, androgynous sex appeal, this is uncommon. ...
Bridge Markland is calling a spade a spade, when she walks the borders of pornography, erotics, profligate art and wet vocabulary…
Saxophone player Nikola Lutz accompanies these explicit lyrics with … elegant harmonies, silent buzzing and croaky guttural sounds. … she musically illustrates Bridge Marklands erotic readings and gender transformations and dances …“
Heidrun Gehrke, Backnanger Kreiszeitung

audience reactions:

The show was VERY GOOD!! I enjoyed it very, very much.
You are really charming and I like how you break through barriers with the viewers.
Very bold and your self confindence is inspiring.
I felt great after seeing it. I had to stomp my feet on the floor for you.
Thanks for such a good experience!
Mike Zimmerman, Visual Artist, Berlin

life will never be the same again! Our visitors from London loved it. Haven't stopped talking about the show, all night last night n all day today.
Katie Griggs, Marketing, Berlin

artist infos:

Nikola Lutz (Stuttgart)
Studied saxophone in Bordeaux and Stuttgart and has made a name for herself as saxophone player for new and experimental music, tango nuevo and club music. 2010 she won the first price in the saxophone contest in Paris: « premier prix, prix du Conseil Général de Hauts de Seine »
As composer she works in the fields of sound installation, sound art, performance and music theatre. With the ensemble Shiva Soundsystem she performs in clubs to house music and global beats. Nikola Lutz works in various projects of multi artistic nature. In this collaboration she accompanies Bridge Marklands erotic texts and dance performances with expressive and tension filled saxophone sounds.

Bridge Markland the Berlin dance-theatre-cabaret-performance-artist is a virtuoso of roleplay and transformation. A chameleon which throws herself into many extremes, but isn’t merely limited to one of them. She is an artist who effortlessly crosses all boundaries between sub- and high-culture, dance, theatre, performance, cabaret and erotic-art. Her speciality are transgender-performances in which the audience can experience the change of woman to man (or vice versa). There is an erotic aura around her in all roles and genders. She has female and male sex-appeal far away from hetero- or homosexual limits and all inscribed identities. Other focuses are: classic theatre pieces in collage with popular music, biographic performances, dance-improvisation, audience interactions, writing, readings…
Bridge Markland has full evening and short performances in her solo repertoire. She also works in several collaborations with artists of various genres - dance, ballroom music, erotic literature shows - to name but a few. Her productions have been shown with great success all over Europe, in USA and Australia.

performed in:
Professor Pröbstl's Kasperletheater - Großaspach/D, 2009
TIG7 - Mannheim/D, 2009
Marianne - Berlin/D, 2009
Let's Whore Festival / Orfeos Erben Kino - Frankfurt/Main/D, 2010
Grande Opera - Offenbach/D, 2010
Wartesaal - Besigheim/D, 2010, 2011
Lehmann's Buchhandlung (bookstore) - Leipzig/D, 2010
English Theatre Berlin/D, 2010, 2011
White Trash Fast Food - Berlin/D, 2010
Schaubudensommer - Dresden/D, 2010
Sappho Garden - Skala Eressou, Lesbos/GR, 2010
Autonomes Frauen Lesben Zentrum, Innsbruck /A, 2010
Merlin, Stuttgart /D, 2011
Dragnight, Reitschule Bern/CH, 2011