MJ titelfunny grotesque clown dancing through the audience

Length: 6 - 25 min

: very good for the whole family, children love it.

Venues: variety shows, as street-theatre, parties, clubs, galleries, dinner entertainment shows, mixed shows with other artists...

“…a hermaphroditic creature between wild gnome and black ghost doing a scary ghost dance…” BERLINER ZEITUNG
”…Mary Wigman on acid…” METROPOLIS, Berlin
”..Valeska Gert for the disco aera…” TANZ AKTUELL

Teatro Pradillo - Madrid, Knitting Factory - New York, PS 122 - New York, Villa Massimo - Rome, Love Bites Shows in: Berlin, Tübingen, Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main; Tanz im August/Internationales Tanzfest - Berlin, Seven Stages Theatre - Atlanta/USA, Club Le Madame/ pre-Lady Fest Event - Warsaw, Show-Viva La Diva-Chamäleon Varieté - Berlin
and many more....