closeups01gitti120comic erotic lip-sync version of the Eurythmics hit: "Sweet Dreams"


...with sensual feeding of bananas to the audience ...

6 - 25 min. length can be agreed

„Sweet Dreams“ by the “Eurythmics” in a new and different light, you will not see bananas in the same way again.
This charming lady will feed your guests with the most delicious erotic bananas!!!

Venues: The Smash-Hit for Dinner Entertainment Shows, New Years Eve, Parties, Clubs, etc.

White Trash Fast Food, Chantals House of Shame, Frech Frivoles Film Festival - Biesdorf
Club-Restaurant Nektar, Club-Two Rooms
Love Bites Events
in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Tübingen ...
Swing+Ballroom Party / Tanztage (international dance festival) / fabrik Potsdam
berlin cabaret project / Teatro Pradillo
London: Volupté Lounge             and many others...

Sweet Dreams