short drag performances

An evening with Bridge Marklands legendary short transformation performances. Toured around the world since the early nineties –
finally in one show!

Here we meet: The most beautiful woman in the world, comfortable Karl, a Russian GoGo dancer, Banana Gitti + small-time crook Sascha Sehrschön.

The Berliner Bridge Markland stirs up gender stereotypes.

With 17 she was wearing her first double breasted pinstriped suit together with female make-up. Her quick transformations between genders and roles are legendary and a very natural part of her stage shows.


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@https://godrag.de/ festival

Sun 2 Oct  15:00
Ullsteinstraße 10-18
12105 Berlin - Tempelhof

Has been performed:

Ballhaus Berlin, 2019
Brotfabrik, Berlin, 2019 - within Performing Arts Festival Berlin
AHA e.V. (Allgemeine Homosexuelle Arbeitsgemeinschaft), Berlin, 2019, 2020, 2021

  • 01_Angela_3_in_BridgeMarkland_queens+kings_Photograephin_ManuelaSchneider_logo
  • 02_Karl_3_in_BridgeMarkland_queens+kings_Photograephin_ManuelaSchneider_logo
  • 03_BananenGitti_1_in_BridgeMarkland_queens+kings_Photograephin_ManuelaSchneider_logo
  • 04_Sascha_1_in_BridgeMarkland_queens+kings_Photograephin_ManuelaSchneider_logo
  • 05_DerRusse_2_in_BridgeMarkland_queens+kings_Photograephin_ManuelaSchneider_logo
  • 06_Steve_2_in_BridgeMarkland_queens+kings_Photograephin_ManuelaSchneider_logo
  • 07_Zunge_1_BridgeMarkland_in_queens+kings_PhotograephinManuelaSchneider
  • 08_DerRusse_1_in_BridgeMarkland_queens+kings_Photograephin_ManuelaSchneider_logo



queens + kings

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